MUCH Creative

Freelancer FAQ

What are your fees for project management?

Our fees are a variable 10-15% rate depending on involvement. We always negotiate these fees upfront with the artist/studio seeking our services.

Do I pay for the initial consultation?

Absolutely not. We do not charge for our time to discuss a project with you and see if we’re a good fit. We only get paid if we secure a project for you.

Will you handle billing?

We take care of all billing, vendor forms, processing and collection. We make payments 2 days after payments clear our accounts to your preferred method of payment. We’re familiar with multiple client pay portals and have preferred vendor status with dozens of brands and agencies.

Do I bill you at the end of the project for my fees?

Yes. Artists/Studios can and usually do send us an invoice for their records and taxes.

Will you promote the project after it is published?

We decide on the per project basis if promotion is appropriate for our channels. Artists retain the rights to always promote their work, and they decide if they’d like to include Much Creative/ COLLAB+ as a production partner. We’ll never insist.

What if I am looking for full time representation?

Please email to discuss representation.