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these days, everyone is working leaner. we help to fill in the gaps and can assist with procurement, negotiations, production and work flow. we're here to help. 

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our relationships are everything. we want you to always feel comfortable, confident and totally taken care of. so call us with any request, big or small. there's no charge just to chat with us.

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with over a decade spent representing amazing talent and producing world-class content, we're ready to partner with you in developing informed and effective creative solutions, right off the bat. 

Matthew LeBaron

Matthew is the CEO and Founder of MUCH Creative.

With eleven plus years in the advertising/brand experience industry, managing projects ranging from traditional print to executing large scale commercials and event activation, Matthew brings energy, enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every opportunity. 

With a particular passion for project management, career guidance, advisement and curation.

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